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January 8th

Last night friend Cheryl stopped by to give me back the scrap utility quilt I made for our friend and catsitter that I finished a while back. She did such a great job quilting it. She used a wool batting that feels soft as silk and I can’t wait to nestle under it and sew the binding down – always my favourite part. Yes, even though I don’t really like the color combo I have to admit that it turned out beautiful. Cheryl even centered the quilt design! The log cabin blocks have a ever increasing/spiraling square on them and in the end it looks like circles on squares. Note: this is a really good use of a panto folks. And yes, I no sooner had the quilt on top of the bed so I could take pictures but there were cats on it as you can see.

Sandys quilt 1

Sandys quilt 2

Sandys quilt 3

Here's that crazy busy center square showing the centered quilting design.
Sandys Quilt 4_the center

I came down this morning and realized I had not seem Ms. Trouble so I looked all over the house for her. Much later I finally found where she had been. In the cat basket under the cat quilt.
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