June 5th, 2009

I stand with Women

My world of late

I had an email in from Tricia Sherman of the Great Canadian Shop Hop and she is looking for a new batch of "Viewer of the month" quilters. Here what she said:

"urgently looking for "Viewer's of the Month". I need to hear from YOU and all your quilting friends. Don't think you have to be some sort of fantastic art quilting to submit, I want to hear from all quilters no matter what level or lifestyle. A couple paragraphs and a picture of your work (or work in progress) is all that's required so we can get to know quilters from around the world. Come on now, don't be shy!!"

Tricia Sherman, producer/host
The Great Canadian Shop Hop

I have finally had a chance to play with a birthday treat I gave myself last year, Quilt Pro, a quilt design program. I have designed something for a friend of mine who wants a Log Cabin quilt and something for myself. First the log cabin:

I have always wanted to make a quilt of a cheesey cheddar yellow color paired with one other color. From historical quilts we see the cheddar yellow often paired with a cream white. The international Quilt Study Center & Museum has a double nine patch using those colors dated 1890-1910, http://explorer.quiltstudy.org/#/quilt/2003.003.0384/

but this is what I’d like to do with that cheddar yellow…

No sooner than than I had posted the above entry on my daily journal my friend Jody had come back saying:

"I like the quilt pattern. Very detailed. I can also imagine a section of red running somewhere in the pattern . . . but that's just me. Red, yellow, and black pattern combinations are ancient.

And I'm feeling older than dirt these days."

I popped back into Quilt Pro and produced a variation by adding a red into the layout.

I like them both!

I have also finished a queen size quilt top for a friend:

And made two baby sized quilts out of the leftovers:

OK, that is the news from my world. What have you been up too?

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